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The goal of ASKALON is to simplify the development and optimization of applications that can harness the power of Grid and Cloud computing. The ASKALON project crafts a novel environment based on new innovative tools, services, and methodologies to make scientific application development and optimization for real applications and execution on Cloud and Grid environments an everyday practice.


ASKALON Documents

ASKALON User Guide

Test Askalon

ASKALON GUI Webstart version (~ 55 MB, requires J2SE Runtime Environment 5.0+) using JavaTM Web Start (Last update: 2013-01-10) or request a copy using the form: ASKALON-LA.pdf

Videos of Askalon components


  • Invisible Cloud for the End User and Application Developer
  • Support for Workflow Applications and Parameter Studies
  • High Level Application Modelling instead of Programming
  • Generic Optimization of Applications based on Performance and Cost Contraints
  • Advanced Middleware Services based on Genetic Algorithms, Ontologies and Semantic Web Technologies
  • Automatic Prediction and Interpretation of Cloud and Grid behavior
  • Automatic Search for Performance Problems
  • Fault Detection and Management
  • Resource Accounting and Pricing
  • Experiment Management and Control

Features and Technology

  • Service Oriented Architecture
  • Single Access User Portal
  • UML Workflow Editor
  • XML workflow representation (AGWL)
  • X509 certificates support
  • GSI-based grid security enabled
  • customizable online visualization
  • Web Services and WSRF
  • Globus Middleware
  • Amazon EC2 API support
  • Commodity of the Grid (CoG)-based grid acccess

Askalon is designed as a distributed service-oriented architecture comprising the following set of services:


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AGWL Workflow Composition GroudSim

Workflow Execution (Meta) Scheduling Service Enabling Performance Prediction Performance Analysis

Resource Broker Resource Monitoring Askalon Visualization Diagrams

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